Best ways to develop tourism in Nepal for the economic development of Nepal

A lot of Europeans, Americans and Other foreigners visit Nepal. There's a lot to see, but unfortunately there's no one to show. Despite the amazing landscapes and spellbound mountains, this country has no tourist promotion ads or videos. Not even a single official video I saw. People get easily attracted to videos and photographs. Nepal must focus on Advertising aspects. This country has everything which no country can ever have, Nepal is blessed with abundance in nature.
Nepal has huge possibilities in the tourism sector. The Himalaya nation is famous for its natural beauty: the world’s highest peaks, national parks rich in flora and fauna, snow-fed rivers, exceptional trekking routes, wonderful lakes and welcoming people. Nepal is rich in its cultural and religious diversity as well. Possessing eight of the 10 highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a tremendously attractive location for mountaineers, rock climbers and adventure seekers. Apart from being an attractive destination for adventure, Nepal’s pleasant climate and ever welcoming nature of Nepalese show there is a tremendous prospect of tourism ahead in Nepal.

Potentiality of Tourism in Nepal :

  • Cultural/Festival Tourism
  • Pilgrimage/Spiritual Tourism
  • Village Tourism
  • City Tourism
  • Mountain Tourism
  • Nature Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Sport Tourism
  • MIEC Tourism
  • Agricultural Tourism
  • Hospitality Tourism

Ways to develop tourism to contribute for the development of Nepal?

  • Promote natural tourism
  • Promote home stays
  • Cover Nepal in YouTube and social medias
  • Political stability
  • Create sustainable plan for recreational activities like Bungee jumping and hiking
  • Create unique plans and slogans to attract tourists
  • Use promotional materials like T-SHIRT and banner in other countries showing Nepal
  • Motivate bloggers to blog about Nepal and the diversity it offers
  • Create app like India does to attract tourists
  • Make Kathmandu clean so that tourists would love to visit
  • Construction of Bhairahawa, Pokhara and Nijghadh International airports in fast track.
  • Purchases of planes to make easier international air networks.
  • Need to enhance quality and accesses of Road to mountain ranges.

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