Who is Thomas Cook : Father of Modern Tourism ?

He was an English man who lived in 19th century and is regarded as the father of tourism.
Just over a hundred and fifty years ago, he started revolution in Travel and Tourism which is still ongoing today. He came up with the idea of making holiday available, affordable and fashionable to ordinary not just the rich. Thomas cook brought us the package holiday, travelers cheques, the hotel coupons and holiday brochure.
It was the time of industrial revolution when people had moved from village to cities. There was developing a railway network and new roads which makes people comfort to travel. Public holidays were established by government and suddenly people had more time, money, knowledge and curiosity to travel. People could now link destination with accommodation, transportation and recreation in an integrated way. The holiday package was born. Thomas cook was true opportunist. The new holiday market was about to become his oyster and make his fortune.
It all began in 1841 when Thomas cook borrowed 10 pound from his father and set up travel shop.
His first excursion was on Monday 5th July 1841 for 500 people to make the 12 mile journey from Leicester to Loughborough for the cost one shilling. People warmed to the idea and excursion were soon organized to London, Liverpool, Sheffield and Bristol. It was no longer before continental rail trip were organized to Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt. Blindness affected Thomas cook in his later years and he died in 1892 at the grand old age of 84. Thomas's son John and his grand children continued the family business for many years after his death before selling it in 1920s.
Today Thomas cook is a public corporate giant as a public ltd company with more than 27000 employees in seventeen countries. Thomas cook is undoubtedly a global phenomena beyond the early expectation of the humble man who started it all.

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