MADRID, SPAIN: Arts and Food, Guest Post by Humberto Gutierrez-Rivas

Plaza Mayor

My son in law Humberto recently went to Madrid for business and in his spare time enjoyed many of the sights and tastes of the city. As he learned, "When in Madrid, do as MadrileƱos do..." Here is his report:

Enjoy the Arts 

I got to Madrid in the early morning of July 15.  Having just 12 hours on my own, I decided that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the works of Dali and Picasso, which are housed in the Museo de la Reina Sofia.
Museo Reina Sofia

3 examples of Dali works: Early and Surrealist

Another great museum I did not have the chance to visit is El Museo del Prado, the Spanish national museum. 
Museo del Prado

Enjoy "La Marcha"

The Madrid metro was an excellent way to get around the whole city with its 12 lines. Having a pair of comfortable shoes was also a plus. I found myself exploring the city going from one narrow street the next, and from one plaza to the next.
Madrid Metro - Line 2

During the week, after my meetings, I decided to go out and explore.  It was not just me, everybody seems to be out and about.  Street "Tavernas" and many of the smaller plazas around the center of the city were an opportunity to take a break from the walk and enjoy a sangria with tapas.  Every night at 10:30 PM, I was just getting started with my dinner and would not go to bed until midnight.  This was the pattern of my life for 4 days.  Just perfect for someone who likes to walk, eat, and go to bed late. 

Looking forward to going back to Madrid!

Narrow streets lead to Plaza Mayor. 

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Santa Ana
Taverna "La Plateria"

Sangria and Gazpacho

My new discovery, Eggplants with honey

Tapas: Salmon and Tuna

Tapas: Bacalao (Cod)



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