SHADY HIKE in JOAQUIN MILLER PARK in San Francisco’s East Bay

Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, California, is one of many places in San Francisco’s East Bay where you an go to hike, bike, walk your dog, have a picnic or just enjoy nature. On a recent weekend my husband, son and I took a hike along the Palos Colorados trail, which winds its way along Palo Seco creek in a narrow canyon. (This trail is only for hikers or dogs on leash, but there is a biking trail on the other side of the creek. See map--link below.)
After parking our car at the trail head just off Mountain Boulevard, we set out along the path. After climbing a series of steps, the trail was fairly level, hugging the side of the canyon.  Far below, the creek gurgled as water made its way over the rocks and down the hill, ultimately ending in the ocean.
Gnarled California oaks grew along the side of the path, like creatures from a fairy tale. Along the lower slope, giant redwood trees towered more than a hundred feet into the sky.
As always, the hike was an opportunity for photography.
It was late summer and flowers were going to seed and ferns had developed their decorative spores.
The shady path was a perfect choice for a nice walk on a warm day.
For a map of the trails in Joaquin Miller Park, click HERE.
For some of the other trails in the park, click HERE.

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