Broulee, Australia: Pristine Beaches and Friendly Wildlife, Guest Post by Tom Scheaffer

Broulee, Australia
My brother Tom loves to travel and is currently on an extended trip to Australia and beyond. Here is a report of one of his first stops in Australia, the beautiful beach in Broulee, on the coast of New South Wales.
Broulee Beach
In early December I left my home in San Diego and flew to Canberra, Australia, to visit friends. We drove from there for about two hours to Broulee, on the coast of New South Wales, south of Sydney. It is an idyllic seaside location with beautiful blue and turquoise green waters and amazing beaches with nobody on them.
Beach good for snorkeling
We found amazing places to swim and snorkel. The water was crystal clear and it truly was a paradise.
Broulee Island Nature Preserve is the island on the upper left
I went to the Broulee Island Nature Preserve, now connected by a sand spit to the mainland. This verdant nature area offers walks amid birds and rock pools. It is very untouched and the variety of birds was amazing.
The parrots and kookaburras came onto the veranda and we saw them within an arm’s distance.
King Parrot
This was an amazing trip that I won't forget. If you ever get the chance go to Broulee, Australia, you will find pristine uninhabited beaches and amazing nature and wildlife.
Tom and friendly Kookaburra

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