ASIA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, Taichung, Taiwan: Triangles and Flowers

At Asia University, on the outskirts of Taichung, Taiwan, is the new Asia Museum of Modern Art, a striking steel and concrete building designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Basing his design on an equilateral triangle, every part of the building reflects the triangle shape. During our recent trip to Taiwan, I was treated to a special tour of the museum.
On the lawn outside the glass and steel structure, Rodin’s Thinker greets visitors.
Inside the building, a model of the building's unique design can be seen in the lobby.
Model. The building is formed of three triangular floor plates, stacked as to provide a sheltered external patio at ground floor level, where open-air caf├ęs and other areas of congregation are formed
Throughout the building the geometry is repeated with V-columns supporting the structural steel frame.
Support beams
The museum features rotating temporary exhibits, and at the time of my visit last fall, it was the Language of Flowers, a theme chosen to coordinate with the 2018 World Flora Exposition held in Taichung.
Painting of flowers by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama with her signature polka dots.
The museum's goal is to display works from young Taiwanese artists and other artists from Asia, providing a global stage for contemporary works. For this exhibit, each room of the museum displayed diverse works of art that employ flowers as motifs.
Detail of painting made over a sheet of gold leaf, which can be seen peeking through the foliage
Works on display ranged from paintings and drawings to sculpture and jewelry. 
Hands holding a rose
One whole room was devoted to the glittering jewelry of Taiwanese jewelry artist Aka Chen who “fuses oriental philosophy and crafting technology to eternalize beauty of natural objects with precious stones and breathe life into their presentation.” Flowers and butterflies are among his most popular subjects.
The entry panel to the Aka Chen room is designed to allow visitors to strike a pose and become one of his butterflies.
In another room of the museum, paintings and other objects reflected the bright colors and floral designs of the indigenous cultures of Taiwan.
Woman in traditional dress wearing a floral headdress
The Language of Flowers exhibit was truly a garden of delights. My photos show just a tiny sample of the beautiful and creative pieces that were part of it.
For information about visiting the Asia Museum of Modern Art and other sites in the Taichung area, click HERE.

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